Jay Lunden headshot photo

Jay Lunden

Data Logger
Temple University

Jay Lunden is a visiting biologist and data logger onboard the E/V Nautilus.

Jay has worked on cold‐water coral physiological ecology in the Gulf of Mexico since 2008. His primary research interest is the relationship between ocean acidification and calcification. Jay focuses his research on the framework‐forming cold‐water coral Lophelia pertusa and conducts growth experiments on live L. pertusa exposed to different environmental stressors. On past cruises, he has conducted numerous CTD casts and ROV dives to collect water samples to characterize the carbonate chemistries of Lophelia reefs. This is Jay’s 6th cruise and his first outside of the Gulf of Mexico.

Jay graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Temple University in May 2007. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the same department working under the direction of Dr. Erik Cordes.


Jay participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: