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Hilary Hudson

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Video Intern

Hilary Hudson is a freelance filmmaker with a specific interest in helping researchers communicate their work to a broader audience. Prior to film Hilary studied comparative physiology, focusing her research on methane seep animals as an undergraduate student and Antarctic fish as a graduate student. With a particular passion for the the oceans and poles, Hilary has spent significant time in Antarctica and has logged nearly a years worth of sea time aboard tall ships and research vessels. 

Hilary graduated from Whitman College in 2002 with a B.A. in biology and earned her M.S. in biomedical science, with an emphasis on comparative physiology, from Creighton University in 2007.  She is currently a MFA candidate in science and natural history filmmaking at Montana State University.


Hilary Hudson participated in the following expeditions aboard E/V Nautilus.