Gustavo Crespo headshot photo

Gustavo Crespo

Lieutenant Commander
Spanish Navy Hydrographic Office

Gustavo is a Lieutenant Commander in the Spanish Navy. He has been embarked on board different vessels since he finished his studies in the Naval Academy.
• 2000-2003: Embarked on Spanish Navy Aircraft carrier “Principe de Asturias”.
• 2003-2004. Embarked on Spanish Navy Frigate “Numancia”.
• 2005-2008: Embarked on Survey Ship “Tofiño”.
• 2008-2011: Embarked on Survey Ship “Rigel” (Executive Officer).
• 2011-2012: Embarked on Survey Ship “Antares” (Commanding Officer).

Lieutenant Commander Gustavo is a hydrographer in the Spanish Navy Hydrographic Office. He graduated with his degree from the Spanish Naval Academy in 2000 and completed his Specialization Course in Hydrography and Oceanography for Naval Officers (cat "A") in 2005.

"Gustavo likes sailing, and he is looking forward to sailing on board Nautilus to continue exploring deep waters in the Oceans that we do not know."


Gustavo participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: