Greg Kurras headshot photo

Greg Kurras

AUV Sentry Data Processor
Marine Geologist & Geophysicist
Seafloor Investigations

Greg Kurras over 20 years of combined industry and academic experience in the offshore industry, working in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Suriname, and Alaska. He has extensive technical expertise in mapping near-shore, shallow water, and deep ocean environments using a variety of geophysical and hydrographic systems and processing packages. He has experience in advance positioning techniques, geologic interpretation, marine habitat classification, and geospatial data management. He has been extensively involved in offshore construction projects, telecommunication route investigations, hydrographic surveys, and coastal investigations. He also is well versed in the integration of hydrographic sonar and bathymetric Lidar surveys from both the acquisition and processing aspect.


Greg participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: