Denis Hedji headshot photo

Denis Hedji

Operations Technologist
Ocean Networks Canada

Denis ensures the reliable operation of all oceanographic instruments on the ONC Network, worth millions of dollars. He determines how a research user’s scientific instrument is interfaced with the ONC Network. This involves communications and interactions with suppliers, manufacturers, ONC staff, and science users. He has the role to monitor the ONC network / infrastructure, may manage the instrument maintenance budget with oversight from the Manager, Installations and Field Operations. Purchases instruments, parts, and supplies from this budget. Denis assesses instrument deployment readiness through a rigorous testing plan by meeting applicable electrical standards. He develops testing protocols and standards that routinely are used to test and qualify instruments, completes instrument wiring, and the design and installation of electronic components, and conducts field maintenance on instruments and related equipment – this complex, detailed oriented work is performed at sea on a ship in potentially adverse weather conditions with tight timelines surrounded by heavy duty equipment which is potentially is hazardous, and risk to personal injury. Denis also implements and maintains instrument documentation, such as settings, deployment history, maintenance history and calibration sheets.

Graduated Electronics Engineering in 1993.

"I personally love the ocean environment. Today, we humans do not have full capabilities to understand our oceans and mother nature. Tools such as the Nautilus ship is an example of the progress that is needed for this education."


Denis participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: