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David Robillard

Photo of David Robillard
United States Naval Academy

David Robillard is a Permanent Military Professor at the United States Naval Academy and is an active duty Commander in the US Navy.  Dave teaches classes on Underwater Work Systems and Underwater Life Support Systems in the Ocean Engineering Department.  His research also involves the study of seabed cohesive sediment dynamics on the near-shore shelf.  Dave has been a Navy Diver for 26 years with background in both Salvage and Explosive Ordinance Disposal.  

David Robillard graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1988 with a degree in Ocean Engineering and completed his PhD in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering at the University of Florida in 2009.  David also graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Master of Business Administration degree in 1994.


David Robillard participated in the following expeditions aboard E/V Nautilus.