Binbin Wang headshot photo

Binbin Wang

Lecturer/Postdoc Researcher
Texas A&M University

Dr. Binbin Wang is a postdoctoral researcher in Texas A&M University and involved in GISR since 2013. His research focuses on the in situ precisely quantifying the deep sea natural gas seep bubbles. He developed a stereoscopic, high-speed camera system (TAMU-CAM) and deployed it into studying bubble characteristics in GISR G07 research cruise.

Binbin Wang graduated from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2013 with a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering. He joined Texas A&M University as a postdoctoral research associate immediately after his Ph.D.

"I am excited to sail aboard Nautilus again and to work with the excellent people on Nautilus. I had a wonderful experience on Nautilus in 2013 while we were hunting bubbles in the northern section of the Gulf of Mexico."


Binbin participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: