Arda Tonay headshot photo

Arda Tonay

Istanbul University, Faculty of Fisheries

Arda M. Tonay records dolphin and porpoise sightings as a guest scientist on the Nautilus.

Arda works as a research assistant at the Marine Biology Department, Faculty of Fisheries, at Istanbul University, and volunteers at the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV). He has worked on cetacean bycatches and strandings on the Turkish western Black Sea coast since his undergraduate thesis. He has worked on the stomach contents and age determination of harbour porpoises. He has participated in national and international research cruises. The team he is in is mostly focused on cetacean population distribution and size, migrations and movements through the Istanbul Strait, photo-id, genetic structure, scull collection, conservation strategies and also marine debris.

Arda graduated from Istanbul University in 1999 with a degree in fisheries engineering and completed his MSc and PhD in marine biology programme at the Institute of Science, Istanbul University, in 2010.



Arda participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: