Andy Clark headshot photo

Andy Clark

Argus Pilot
Marine Biologist, ROV Pilot, Field Manager
Ocean Dynamics Inc.

Andy Clark is a marine environmental biologist with Ocean Dynamics Inc of Vancouver Island, Canada. Andy has worked in the marine environment since 1989 and has been involved with ROV operations since 2004. He has over 3000 hrs logged behind the controls of various survey class ROVs mostly in west coast Canada but also in Papua New Guinea, Newport Oregon and in Goose Bay Labrador.

Andy Clark graduated from Trent University with a Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences Degree in 1987. He is also a certified Occupational Diver.


"Throughout my life I have always been drawn to the water and was fascinated by the life that we new so little about below the waves. During university I realized that life on our planet was so dependent on the health of our oceans and I believe ocean exploration is where the future lies."