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Andy Billings

AUV Sentry Operations
AUV Sentry Operations
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Andrew Billings grew up in the town of Falmouth, MA where he learned to machine parts from his father at the young age of 7. As baby Andy soul searched to determine what to do with his life, he moved to North Carolina only to be discovered by gypsies who taught him ways of alligator wrestling and belly dancing. After a near catastrophic alligator/belly dancing accident, Andy decided to find a new line of work and moved back to Massachusetts.

It did not take long before Woods Hole realized his great talents and had him working on projects ranging from the Alvin Submersible to the development of the autonomous AUV’s, Abe and Sentry. He now lives a fruitful life where he leads the mechanical operations for the Sentry group, designs equipment for new vehicles, and mentors young and talented engineers.


Andy participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: