Ana Victoria Moya Serrano headshot photo

Ana Victoria Moya Serrano

Science Intern
Charles Darwin Foundation

Ana Victoria Moya is an undergraduate student of Marine Biology, that is currently doing her Thesis in Phytoplankton at Charles Darwin Foundation. Ana Victoria has been part of two projects, the first one related with the Antartic Diatoms Paleoecology in which she assisted in the identification processes, and the second project she assisted in both filed and laboratory work in an environmental consulting for water bodies with Green Oil.

Ana Victoria started her studies in Marine Biology at Universidad Internacional del Ecuador in 2009, currently shes doing her thesis at Charles Darwin Foundation to obtain her degree.

"I decided to study marine biology when I was 7 years old after watching a documentary about whale hunting; this opportunity to sail aboard the Nautilus will help me gain more knowledge about the oceans and use it to protect them, for this reason I feel very blessed for this opportunity."


Ana Victoria participated in the following Ocean Exploration Trust expeditions: