NOAA OECI Science Seminar: Exploring Volcanoes Under the Sea

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 — 10:00 am Hawaii • 12:00 pm Pacific • 3:00 pm Eastern

The United States' exclusive economic zone in the Central Pacific is dotted with hundreds of volcanic seamounts that are home to important ecosystems and valuable mineral resources. Join NOAA’s Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute partners from the E/V Nautilus as we make the first exploration of the region around Chautauqua Seamount to uncover their secrets and learn how we explore, why we explore, and where we explore volcanoes under the sea.

The Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) is hosting a six-part series of monthly OECI presentations as part of the NOAA Science Seminar Series. This final seminar, “NOAA OECI: Exploring Volcanoes Under the Sea”, will be streamed live, at 3pm ET on 12/15/2021