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At the Edge of Vision: Photos By An Artist at Sea

Daniel Kohn joins the Nautilus team as a 2017 Artist at Sea during the Heceta Bank Expedition and Mapping the Revillagigedo Archipelago. Learn more about his experience sketching sea surfaces while at sea. 

What lingers at the edge of the recognizable? 

Though I am first a painter, I have found over the past few years that I am increasingly relying on my first love, photography, to make notes of things I see but do not know - yet - how to paint.

I am drawn to that place where things just begin to exist. The edge of recognition, where the memory of the viewer can meet the image.

When images are clearly recognizable, there's no room for people to do anything else but acknowledge their content. A man on a horse, a sunset. But at the edge of the recognizable, a gap opens up in the image for the viewer's own memories to come flooding in. 

Here are some of such beginnings that caught my attention: