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Emily Ballard

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Video Engineering Intern
Ithaca College

Tell us about your work / research. What kinds of things do you do?

I am currently a rising freshman at Ithaca College. I am studying in the field of television radio. I have been working really hard taking internships along with taking classes over the summer to really prepare myself for college along with just knowing new information.

What sparked your initial interest in your career?

Seeing Peter Jackson at work. At first I wanted to be an actor but soon realised I was not meant for the camera. I started watching the Lord of the Rings when I was little which made me fall in love with movies but it wasn't until I watched the Hobbit and watched the behind the scenes that I feel in love with editing. I saw what Peter Jackson did and knew I wanted to become just like him.

Who influenced you or encouraged you the most?

My family along with Peter Jackson and also Orlando Bloom. My family gave me the opportunities I needed to succeed as well as the encouragement to never give up. Peter Jackson taught me to go with your dream and made me fall in love with movies. Orlando Bloom not only showed me the world of Peter Jackson but taught me that even though you have Dyslexia you can do anything, even be a star in a huge movie right out of college.

What element of your work / study do you think is the most fascinating?

I would have to say being on the boat. I love being a video editor but being on the boat gives you a look into other peoples cultures. The boat has people from all over the world and are all at different stages of learning. We all learn from each other and learn that no matter what background we come from or level of education we are at, we can learn from each other.

What other jobs led you to your current career?

A lot of internships. I found summer programs at colleges. I interned at the Inner Space Center for my senior project. I got my name out there, talked to a lot of different people, and now I am going to college for television radio to help me even more.

What are your degrees and certifications?

Middle school diploma 2012- High school diploma 2016 - and working on a College degree will not graduate until 2020 so who knows what I will end up majoring in by that time so stay tuned!!

What are your hobbies?

Horseback Riding, Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Basketball, Just being out doors. I love camping. With my school we went to Utah for 10 days and camped, rock climbed and hiked to the famous arch. I also like my down time and enjoy spending it by playing video games. My favorite game is the Uncharted series! Also I love to watch youtubers such as Jacksepticeye, Dan and Phil and Good Mythical Morning just to name a few. I love going to see plays at the Goodspeed Opera House my favourite play so far that they have produced is Anything Goes. I also love reading Shakespeare.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career like yours?

Don't give up! Follow your dreams and remember that no matter what you can make your dreams come true! Also find a place that makes you happy. Nautilus was that for me and here I am going on my 4th year 5th expedition. You can do anything just put your mind to it and put your heart and soul into what you love.

“I am excited to be standing my own video watch with no other supervision, a goal I set for myself last summer."