2013 Expedition

Natural Hydrocarbon Detection ROV/AUV

Jul 28, 2013 to Aug 12, 2013 — NA032

Meet the Team

Photo of Andy Billings
AUV Sentry Operations
Photo of Richard Camilli
Chief Scientist
Photo of Megan Cook
Photo of Maggie Craig
ROV Pilot
Photo of Mark DeRoche
Deck Chief
Photo of Mike Filimon
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Justin Fujii
AUV Mechanic
Photo of Sarah Fuller
Science/Data, Data Manager
Photo of Rachel Gaines
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Ethan Gold
Data Engineer
Photo of Hilary Hudson
Video Intern
Photo of Kevin Jerram
Photo of Frank Johnson
Operations Management
Photo of Kimberly Johnson
Project Safety Officer
Photo of Carl Kaiser
AUV Sentry Team Leader
Photo of Sean Kelley
AUV Sentry Operations
Photo of Greg Kurras
AUV Sentry Data Processor
Photo of Roderick MacLeod
Photo of Reuben Mills
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Brennan Phillips
Science/Data Team
Photo of Oscar Pizarro
Mapping Specialist
Photo of Susan Poulton
Photo of Chris Roman
Science/Data Team
Photo of Aundrea Rue
Photo of Allan Santos
Video Engineer
Photo of Stefano Suman
Photo of Suna Tüzün
Science/Data Team
Photo of David Valentine
Chief Scientist
Photo of Robert Waters
Hercules Pilot
Photo of Kerry Whalen
Video Engineer
Photo of Mary Woo
Photo of Dana Yoerger


Album: Exploring with New Technology
Exploring with New Technology
15 photos
August 1, 2013
Album: Brine Pool: An Underwater Lake
Brine Pool: An Underwater Lake
7 photos
August 2, 2013
Album: Nautilus: The View from Below
Nautilus: The View from Below
12 photos
August 6, 2013
Video: Brine Pool: Making Waves...Underwater
Brine Pool: Making Waves...Underwater
August 7, 2013
Album: Collecting and Processing Samples
Collecting and Processing Samples
15 photos
August 9, 2013
Album: Going for a Swim...Underwater
Going for a Swim...Underwater
11 photos
August 9, 2013
Album: Night Operations
Night Operations
12 photos
August 11, 2013