Seamount, volcano, ridge

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Painting Rainbows On The Seafloor

In this hands-on STEAM activity, students will learn about modern multibeam mapping SONAR technology and the data products created using maps from a 2017 E/V Nautilus expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago in Mexico. After examining and interpreting different bathymetric maps produced by the Corps of Exploration, students will paint their own watercolor bathymetry in this art integration activity.

STEM Learning Module:

Tectonic Plates

Build students' understanding of boundary types and tectonic plate movements through three activities: modeling plate boundaries with graham crackers and frosting, video analysis, and analyzing real-world earthquake data to make predictions.

STEM Learning Module:

Ecosystem Monitoring Series

This lesson sequence introduces students to the concept of ecosystem monitoring, underwater mountain — seamounts —ecosystems, and the equipment E/V Nautilus uses to aid international scientists in tracking changes in environments. Students will demonstrate their understanding by designing their own monitoring protocol for an offshore seamount.

Lesson segments / Provided student handouts 

Teaching Animation or Graphic:

Tectonic Plates Teaching Animation

Convection, the movement of fluid beneath Earth's crust, drives the planet's tectonic plates. This process can result in seafloor spreading, which can result in the formation of new areas of oceanic crust. 

Clips used in public presentations should be credited “Courtesy of Ocean Exploration Trust/ Nautilus Live.”