Whale (whale fall)

STEM Learning Module:

Introduction to Ocean Exploration - Stations of Learning

Use this lesson to introduce students to how & why we explore the world’s oceans. Dr. Robert Ballard’s TED Talk establishes a connection encouraging all viewers to cultivate a collective desire to explore the ocean and to stress the importance of continued exploration. 

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Whale Fall 3D Model

Here 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of whalefall discovered at the bottom of the ocean near the Davidson Sea Mount off of Monterey Bay, CA. The species of this whale is still being determined, but it is speculated to be a young Grey or Humpback Whale, which are often predated upon by Killer Whales in the area. The whale is approximately 4 to 5 meters (13 to 16 feet) in length and was found at a depth of over 3000 meters (9,800 feet).