The Team

Ship Location

Cascadia Margin, USA

Data Logger

The Data Logger is in charge of cataloging and recording everything that happens on an ROV dive or during a multibeam watch. They keep track of all samples taken, take screencaps of many of the important things that the team comes across along the sea floor, and keep detailed logs of anything and everything that occurs during their watch. They must also keep very detailed records of the samples that are collected so that when the ROVs are recovered, hours or even days later, scientists know what is in the sampling boxes.

Often times the Data Loggers will continue their duties off-watch and help proccess samples in the wetlab once the dive is complete. Many Data Loggers are part of our and are undergraduate and graduate students in geology, biology, chemistry, ecology, or archaeology. Some of our current Lead Scientists and Expedition Leaders started out as Data Loggers and students aboard Nautilus