The Team

Ship Location

Papahānaumokuākea MNM, USA


The Science Communication Fellows (SCFs) are formal and informal educators selected to participate in the Nautilus Exploration Program. They are responsible for communicating the complex scientific story of the Nautilus Exploration Program to the world. With the multitude of ocean stories left to tell, we select a diverse group of communicators. Our SCFs come from many backgrounds: school teachers, informal educators, museum interpreters, artists, writers, professors, and more. While on watch, Science Communication Fellows engage with viewers participating from home to ensure our global audience can learn about the science of an expedition and the teamwork required to complete it.  SCFs provide regular updates during dives in addition to answering direct questions from viewers. When not on watch, the SCFs are the hosts for ship-to-shore live interactions with audiences in museums, aquariums and classrooms around the world. 

The SCFs work alongside the operations and science teams to learn more about the inner workings of an exploration vessel so they can return to their communities to excite and inspire students and educators with first-hand knowledge of ocean exploration at sea.  To learn more about the Science Communication Fellowship, visit our page.