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You don’t need to sail on board E/V Nautilus to be a member of the team. A central part of our mission is raising awareness about ocean exploration and inspiring future generations of explorers.  We need your help!

There are several ways you can participate in our expanded Corps of Exploration, follow our adventures and discoveries more closely with exclusive access, and help us spread the word more widely about the importance of exploring the world’s oceans. 

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The E/V Nautilus is operated by the non-profit organization The Ocean Exploration Trust. The Ocean Exploration Trust was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in pure ocean exploration. In addition to conducting scientific research, we offer our expeditions to explorers on shore via live video, audio, and data feeds from the field. We also bring educators and students of all ages aboard during E/V Nautilus expeditions, offering them hands-on experience in ocean exploration, research, and communications.

to support the Ocean Exploration Trust.

Employment and Educator Participation Opportunities

E/V Nautilus is owned and operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET), a nonprofit founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in ocean exploration and research, advance ocean technology, and promote education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). To accomplish that goal, OET runs a number of different programs for educators and students.

Science Communication Fellowship Program 

OET’s Science Communication Fellowship (SCF) immerses formal and informal educators in the Nautilus Corps of Exploration and empowers them to bring ocean exploration to a global audience via the Nautilus Live website. Fellows share accounts of ocean science, expedition operations and daily life with audiences through live audio commentary and question-and-answer sessions from aboard the ship.

Through participation in live interactions with student groups and public audiences, Fellows also engage people of all ages in real-time exploration. Science Communication Fellows then bring their expedition experience back to their own classrooms, organizations and communities in the form of engaging lesson plans and activities centered around their time at sea aboard Nautilus

Learn more information about our  on the Ocean Exploration Trust website.


When employment positions open on the Ocean Exploration Trust and E/V Nautilus team, they are posted on the .

Opportunities for Students

Nautilus Expedition Patch Design Contest 

Your artwork could go on an ocean adventure aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus! Students age six to fourteen (6-18) are eligible to submit original artwork to be considered for the official Nautilus Expedition Patch that will be worn by members of the Corps of Exploration during our 2019 expedition in the eastern Pacific Ocean. For more information and to submit an entry, please visit the page.

Science & Engineering Internship Program

The Nautilus Science and Engineering Internship Program aims to train community college, undergraduate and graduate students studying ocean science, seafloor mapping, engineering and video in the at-sea environment. Intern positions entail 2-5 week periods working aboard E/V Nautilus as Data Loggers, Seafloor Mappers, ROV Engineers, or Video Engineers.  All of our interns spend their time on Nautilus working with a wide array of scientists, engineers, students, and educators. Science interns learn how to make scientific observations and process digital data and physical samples. ROV interns learn how to maintain and operate our exploration vehicles and systems. Video engineering and film interns learn how to operate video for our ROVs and work with our communication team to share our Corps of Exploration story.  All interns gain experience in communication and leadership, including participating in educational outreach activities like live broadcasts to shore based audiences.

For more information and for applications, please visit  page on the Ocean Exploration Trust website.

Opportunities for Scientists 

Participate live with us aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus as we explore the Eastern Pacific Ocean from May – November 2018. Via telepresence technologies, onshore scientists are able to view live video feeds from the remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) Hercules and Argus and topside from the ship during seafloor and water column mapping efforts. Scientists ashore participate in a text dialogue with onboard scientists and other on shore scientists, as well as contribute to ROV dives and mapping operations. Participants will receive regular cruise updates and plans via email during the cruise(s) in which they select to participate.

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