Arts & Humanities

Games & Creativity:

Create Your Own Deep Sea Headband

Show off your love of deep-sea creatures and the technology that finds them by wearing them on your head! Color your own headband with your favorite colors and wear the headpiece proudly around your classroom. This easy-to-follow cut-out has 6 different designs from ROV Hercules to crabs and tubeworms. Let your creativity shine with this fun activity you can do at home or in a classroom.

Games & Creativity:

Art & Observation Field Notebook

Explore the observation skills central to both science and art alongside artist Catie Michel in the Beyond the Wow video series. Use this facilitation guide to create your own field notebook based on your favorite NautilusLive highlight video. Follow easy tips and tricks to develop creative and notetaking skills no matter what level you're beginning from.  


Activity or Mini-Lesson:

At-Home Nautilus Activity Book

Dive into math activities, mazes, coloring pages, writing prompts, and buildable-models to learn about the seafloor and tools of ocean exploration.

Paperback, 32 pages.

Games & Creativity:

Exploration A to Z Flashcards

Explore the vocabulary of exploration from A to Z!  These fun flashcards will introduce learners to creatures, features, and technology from the deep sea in a fun, print-at-home format. Follow the QR code on each card to dive deeper into learning with a Nautilus exploration video or image gallery!

A is for Argus

B is for Basalt

C is for Chemosynthesis

D is for Deep Sea Corals

E is for Explorers

F is for Fangtooth fish

G is for Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

H is for Hercules

I is for Isopod

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Ocean Exploration Course for Middle School

This guide shares the sequence of suggested activities, lessons & learning modules for a 9 week-long Ocean Exploration class (quarter-long elective), designed for middle school students. It can easily be adapted for an after-school club, a summer program, or a segment of a middle school science course. Lessons can be completed as outlined below, but can also be broken up to accommodate class schedules. The activities are designed for hands-on learning and to facilitate a greater understanding of the need for continued ocean exploration.

STEM Learning Module:

Introduction to Ocean Exploration - Stations of Learning

Use this lesson to introduce students to how & why we explore the world’s oceans. Dr. Robert Ballard’s TED Talk establishes a connection encouraging all viewers to cultivate a collective desire to explore the ocean and to stress the importance of continued exploration. 

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Painting Rainbows On The Seafloor

In this hands-on STEAM activity, students will learn about modern multibeam mapping SONAR technology and the data products created using maps from a 2017 E/V Nautilus expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago in Mexico. After examining and interpreting different bathymetric maps produced by the Corps of Exploration, students will paint their own watercolor bathymetry in this art integration activity.

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Explore More Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem, using the phrase ‘Explore More’, as a pathway to building a foundation of understanding about ocean exploration. In an acrostic poem, the letters in a word (or phrase) to start every line of the poem. Together, the lines of the poem describe the main topic of the acrostic and combine to form a message. Lines don’t need to rhyme or have a specific length as long as they all connect back to the primary phrase – in this case, ‘Explore More’.

Games & Creativity:

Exploring Deep-Ocean Art Coloring Book

Celebrate World Oceans Month with deep sea exploration ships! Ocean Exploration Trust, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, and Schmidt Ocean Institute launched a collaborative coloring booklet featuring deep sea discoveries and technology from OET’s E/V NautilusNOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and SOI’s R/V Falkor

Share your completed coloring pages or ocean-related artwork using #WorldOceanArt across social media.