Arts & Humanities

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

Painting Rainbows On The Seafloor

In this hands-on STEAM activity, students will learn about modern multibeam  mapping SONAR technology and the data products created using maps from a 2017 E/V Nautilus expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago in Mexico.

Activity or Mini-Lesson:

"Explore More" Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem, using the phrase ‘Explore More’, as a pathway to building a foundation of understanding about ocean exploration. In an acrostic poem, the letters in a word (or phrase) to start every line of the poem. Together, the lines of the poem describe the main topic of the acrostic and combine to form a message. Lines don’t need to rhyme or have a specific length as long as they all connect back to the primary phrase – in this case, ‘Explore More’.

Data-Driven Activity:

Monterrey B & C Shipwreck Models

In 2013, the Corps of Exploration discovered two new shipwrecks while surveying the Monterrey A shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico. Suddenly one mystery tripled in scale.

Monterrey B sank carrying a cargo of hides and large, white blocks of something archaeologists can’t identify. They could be tallow (fat from cattle) used for making candles, a tree sap called copal used in varnish, or even natural rubber. What else could they be? Pottery on the ship hints that the ship may have come from Mexico.

Data-Driven Activity:

Monterrey A Shipwreck Model

The Monterrey A shipwreck was surveyed by the Corps of Exploration in 2013. The wreck is a wooden-hulled and copper-sheathed sailing ship that sank in over 4,000 feet of water some 200 years ago. The vessel carries at least 5 cannon and crates of muskets. Its mission remains a mystery. Was this a pirate, a privateer, a military ship, or a heavily defended merchant?

Explore these photomosaics, videos, and models made by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to learn more!

Design Challenge:

LEGO Brick ROV Hercules

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of building your very own ROV Hercules using LEGO bricks! 

The real ROV Hercules is about the size of a car and is equipped with a high-definition video camera, several LED lights, two manipulator arms, and a variety of oceanographic sensors and samplers. 

Share your designs with us on social media with #NautilusLive. 

Games & Creativity:

Laser Etch Design

Create your own E/V Nautilus gear with our laser etch design styled from the 2017 multibeam expedition patch. This engraving can be applied to plastic, wood, glass, and other materials depending on the type of engraver you have. 

Share your etches with the Nautilus team! Email photos to or tag us on social media. On Facebook and Instagram: @NautilusLive  On Twitter: @EVNautilus

Games & Creativity:

Midwater Bingo

Fill the card with 24 terms from the phrase and sightings word bank listed on the front page. Listen closely to the team on Nautilus Live as ROV Hercules and Argus descend to see how quickly you can complete your card. 

Games & Creativity:

Nautilus Seafloor Bingo

There are many components to making sure that every exploratory dive is a success. While we are exploring the seafloor, you'll often hear a variety of words and phrases used by our team to navigate, identify, and record what we see in real-time.