Games & Creativity

Games & Creativity:

Art & Observation Field Notebook

Explore the observation skills central to both science and art alongside artist Catie Michel in the Beyond the Wow video series. Use this facilitation guide to create your own field notebook based on your favorite NautilusLive highlight video. Follow easy tips and tricks to develop creative and notetaking skills no matter what level you're beginning from.  


Games & Creativity:

Exploration A to Z Flashcards

Explore the vocabulary of exploration from A to Z!  These fun flashcards will introduce learners to creatures, features, and technology from the deep sea in a fun, print-at-home format. Follow the QR code on each card to dive deeper into learning with a Nautilus exploration video or image gallery!

A is for Argus

B is for Basalt

C is for Chemosynthesis

D is for Deep Sea Corals

E is for Explorers

F is for Fangtooth fish

G is for Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

H is for Hercules

I is for Isopod

Games & Creativity:

Exploring Deep-Ocean Art Coloring Book

Celebrate World Oceans Month with deep sea exploration ships! Ocean Exploration Trust, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, and Schmidt Ocean Institute launched a collaborative coloring booklet featuring deep sea discoveries and technology from OET’s E/V NautilusNOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and SOI’s R/V Falkor

Share your completed coloring pages or ocean-related artwork using #WorldOceanArt across social media.


Games & Creativity:

Laser Etch Design

Create your own E/V Nautilus gear with our laser etch design styled from the 2017 multibeam expedition patch. This engraving can be applied to plastic, wood, glass, and other materials depending on the type of engraver you have. 

Share your etches with the Nautilus team! Email photos to or tag us on social media. On Facebook and Instagram: @NautilusLive  On Twitter: @EVNautilus

Games & Creativity:

Midwater Bingo

Fill the card with 24 terms from the phrase and sightings word bank listed on the front page. Listen closely to the team on Nautilus Live as ROV Hercules and Argus descend to see how quickly you can complete your card. 

Games & Creativity:

Nautilus Seafloor Bingo

There are many components to making sure that every exploratory dive is a success. While we are exploring the seafloor, you'll often hear a variety of words and phrases used by our team to navigate, identify, and record what we see in real-time. 

Games & Creativity:

Valentines Coloring Pages

From the depths of underwater canyons to the tops of coral-covered seamounts, we love sharing the excitement of ocean exploration with our viewers around the world. You can share your love of the deep sea with our downloadable set of Nautilus Live Valentines! 

Print and color the images or create an e-card by using your phone’s markup feature to color and send it to your special Valentine.

Games & Creativity:

Nautilus Knitting

This easy-to-execute blanket is inspired by the churning waters of the Pacific Ocean, a key area of exploration for E/V Nautilus

Any shade of yarn may be used to complete this pattern. The geometric design repeats endlessly like waves moving along the vast surface of the ocean, which covers 70 percent of Earth, but remains largely unexplored. 

The pattern for this blanket allows for enough variation to keep you interested from beginning to end and is versatile enough to make any size desired.