Data-Driven Activity

Data-Driven Activity:

Monterrey B & C Shipwreck Models

In 2013, the Corps of Exploration discovered two new shipwrecks while surveying the Monterrey A shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico. Suddenly one mystery tripled in scale.

Monterrey B sank carrying a cargo of hides and large, white blocks of something archaeologists can’t identify. They could be tallow (fat from cattle) used for making candles, a tree sap called copal used in varnish, or even natural rubber. What else could they be? Pottery on the ship hints that the ship may have come from Mexico.

Data-Driven Activity:

Monterrey A Shipwreck Model

The Monterrey A shipwreck was surveyed by the Corps of Exploration in 2013. The wreck is a wooden-hulled and copper-sheathed sailing ship that sank in over 4,000 feet of water some 200 years ago. The vessel carries at least 5 cannon and crates of muskets. Its mission remains a mystery. Was this a pirate, a privateer, a military ship, or a heavily defended merchant?

Explore these photomosaics, videos, and models made by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to learn more!

Data-Driven Activity:

High Pressure in the Deep Ocean

Observe the effects of increasing pressure at ocean depths in this activity developed with Science Friday. Students complete hands-on demos to explore pressure effects and examine pressure-crushed styrofoam cups.

Data-Driven Activity:

Investigating Ocean Volume

Students will explore volume across the Earth’s ocean basins through observation of maps and hands-on learning. Students will reflect on the influences of depth and surface area in volumetric equations.

Data-Driven Activity:

Graphing Ocean Motion

Our mission to explore the ocean sends the ship and team into the open ocean to work in various sea conditions and wave heights. E/V Nautilus rocks and rolls out on the ocean’s waves. Explore this real data set from the ship’s sensors to plot the motion of pitch, roll, and heave.